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 Final Fantasy VI

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Forgotten one
Forgotten one


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PostSubject: Final Fantasy VI   Tue Sep 30, 2014 12:07 pm

Author: Hina
Game: Final Fantasy VI Advance (alternatively titled: Final Fantasy III--English SNES & Final Fantasy VI--Original Japanese release)
Platform: GBA (mainly), SNES, PSX (Playstation 1)

Author's Note:
Just a quick note, I'm used to writing up walkthroughs for my personal use, kinda like a memo kinda thing for when I want to do another playthrough of the game. I have written walkthroughs before however. I've posted some on GameFaqs and for NeoSeekers under the Pseudonym, Asakane Kotoro. 

This guide will have references to all the releases but it mainly takes you through the GBA release.

~Walkthrough: Part I: The World of Balance: Prologue~
If you watch the opening, you'll see that an evil empire wants to take over all of the world's magic, which could bring about another War of the Magi. Once the intro opening is done (The Playstation 1 Version will have an actual FMV, which is quite nifty!), you'll see three people standing on a snowy cliff, two guys dressed in brown armor, and a green haired (blonde in the original Japanese version) girl next to them. They're sitting in some robotic armors called Magitek Armor. 
After the little chat about Frozen Espers and a long forgotten war, you'll witness a little credit roll. It's not the end of the game I assure you. 

Note: You can push A to skip it if you're playing the GBA version

| Narshe |
You'll appear at a mining town called Narshe. One of the soldiers will point out why you're there before enabling you to take control. Narshe is a pretty straightforward town. I mean there will be a few turnarounds, but at this point in the game, you're pretty much going in one direction: North. 

Feel free to explore the menu screen (Press Start to bring it up). Especially in the options and settings menu. After getting the hang of the controls go up through the arch and past the first set of houses a bit (you can't enter them since the Magitek Armors are way too big to fit through the doorways ) until you run into some people who look like they could easily be mummies or something. The battle with these two guys will consist of:
2 Guards. 

Don't worry they're easy to take care of and you shouldn't take any damage, if you do, it would be minimal. Just choose Magitek and any of the attacks you want. Don't use the ???? girl's magic. Save it because you'll need it for later. You should find the guards easily disposable in about one or two rounds and your characters should go up a level or two.

When the battle is over, go to the right a bit to encounter a guard and his dog (the dog looks like a Doberman... kinda, or a Rottweiler, maybe?  ), starting up your second battle which consists of:
1 Silver Lobo.

This is another easy battle. Of course the Silver Lobo might cause a tadbit more damage than the Guards but you can wipe the floor with him using your Magitek skills. 

Continue going up through the second arch to encounter 2 Guards and 2 Silver Lobos (how come the Lobos look like Dobermans outside of battle but in battle they resemble wolves?  ). Like the last two battles just use your Magitek skills. You can heal with the Magitek healing beam if you need to. After the battle, you'll get into another battle, only with the two guards. Kill'em and move on.

Keep going up until you get ambushed by two guards, prompting your fourth battle with 2 Guards and a Silver Lobo. You can just kill'em. You'll notice that you're surrounded on both sides but it's no biggie. This is only called the Pincer formation, but it rarely happens, I think.   After the battle, go up and leave the screen.

| North of Narshe |
You're in the mountains north of Narshe now. This is pretty straightforwards. Just follow the path up until you encounter some guards, initiating yet another battle. This battle will have:
2 Guards and 2 Megaladoths. 

The Megalodoths are a bit stronger than the Silver Lobos, but not by much. Concentrate your attacks on the Megalodoths first and let the girl heal with the Magitek Healing Beam as needed.

Keep going north until you come to the entrance to the mine where Biggs and Wedge have yet another conversation.
After that enter the Mines.

| Narshe Mines |
This is a straightforward cave too. Go north a bit. See the sparkly star thing? That's a save point. I suggest you make good use it. Go ahead and save your game now.
Note: In order to save your game, walk into the sparkling star and push a. It should bring up the Save Menu. Choose a Save File and save. Most of the early FF games have up to 3-4 save files. I recommend having at least 2 so that in the event that you mess up, you can just reload your last save. I also recommend saving as often as you can.

After saving your game, or not, continue going up. You'll encounter some WereRats and Bandits in this cave, but you can easily wipe them out without any worries. Heal if you must though. Anyways follow the path north until you reach another part of the cave that's barred off. One of the soldiers will ram the gate, breaking it open. Try entering the gate and you'll encounter a single guard.
Instead of fighting the Guard, he'll call for a snail/slug monster called Ymir (Whelk in the original English SNES release), thus starting your first real boss battle.

---Boss Battle: YMIR---
At the beginning of the battle, Biggs will point out one major, uh, annoyance about the monster. It can absorb/store lighting attacks in its shell. You can go about this battle one or two ways. The first way is the normal way. You can attack the monster (not its shell) relentlessly, wait for it when it goes into its shell, and then start attacking it again until it dies or you can attack the shell while constantly being barraged by it's Megavolt attack. I prefer the first option since the latter makes it hard to beat Ymir, but if you do go for the second option, you'll get an Elixir for beating him that way. Either way, the game will proceed. But still you gotta win though.

Ymir has a nasty habit of withdrawing into its shell, unless you're going for the harder way of beating this guy, I suggest you use the time Ymir is in its shell to heal your party members. Ymir will also slime your party members, too, making them take longer to initiate their attacks and it has a pathetic attack which causes very little damage to your characters. So, just beat the crap out of it using any non-lightning/thunder based attacks, wait or heal while it's in its shell, and you should have a victory in no time.
---End Boss Battle---

After the battle, go into the opening and you'll come across the Frozen Esper at last.
After one of the soldiers start speaking, the Esper will glow and you'll be taken into a cutscene that looks a bit like a battle screen.
Watch the cutscene of Tritoch (the frozen esper) killing Biggs and Wedge, while having some sort of power burst from Terra and then here ends the walkthrough for now.

Thanks for reading this walkthrough and for bearing with me so far. I  hope you've enjoyed what I posted and I'll see you in a couple of days when I post the beginning of the first chapter of this walkthrough. 
Update: I just fixed this post up to make it more clean and organied. I'm a bit of a freak like that. 
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Forgotten one
Forgotten one


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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy VI   Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:33 pm

Doi, it's been a while since I've been here. I'll definitely update this walkthrough eventually.
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Final Fantasy VI

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