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PostSubject: Vampires...Blah   Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:45 pm

Chapters: 1
Pairing: Edward/OC
Stats: Done
Rating: PG-13 or G...
Disclaimer: Rain and Jessica are mine. Jake and Edward belong to their owner. and so on. xD

She sat at her normal table in the Cafeteria, drawing. She was sucking on a sucker and turning out the coke that her friend, Jessica put there. Her dark blue eyes didn't look from the page as someone started to braid her brownish black hair that went down to her shoulders.
“Rain, you're hair is so soft today.” said, Jessica in a happy tune. She was Rain's best friend that wasn't a vampire. She was a witch. Well half witch. Her father who's dead was a wolf. “Also, what's with the sad mood?”
“What makes you think I'm sad?” Rain said, turning the page. She blinked twice at the picture of a vampire biting into the neck of a princess. She then sighed. 'I just had to read a princess story with a vampire.' She thought.
“Well you're wearing your black 'death' shirt, your jeans with the skulls. So I think you're sad nor irritated.” Jessica said as Edward Cullen walked by, putting a note on Rain's book.
Rain glared at the note. It had her name, Rain Swan, writing on it. She hated her name and he knew it. She then sighed. “I wore my skull jeans and death shirt because I was out of clean cloths.”
She opened the note as she turned out Jessica.
I need to speak with you. Meet me in the forest.
She sighed then growled with Jessica pulled her hair. “What?”
“The ball rang for class.” Jessica said with a sigh.
“Yea yea.” With then, the girls left to class.
Later that day, Rain sat under a tree in her favorite spot in the forest behind Jessica's house. She was again sucking on a sucker since she knew Edward was near. She was drawing on a page of her art book that Ms. Thronwood gave her for helping Jessica with cleaning.
She sighed lightly. “Edward, I know you're there.”
Edward walked out from under the shadows of the near by tree. “Copper again?” He wore a black shirt, jean jacket, jeans and boots.
Rain glared over at him and threw the stick of her sucker at him. “Duh.” She said, getting another sucker into her mouth. She looked back down at her page, turning out Edward as he sat next to her.
He sat next to her and looked over at the page. “Drawing vampires now?”
She sighed. “What do you need to talk to me about?”
He sighed, hating the fact she did that. “Do you hate me?”
“No. I hate the fact that you're a vampire and you make me taste copper. Why?” She looked at him.
He looked at her. His golden eyes locked with her dark blue ones. “Not my fault and you know it. So why are you such a bit*h to me?”
She sighed and looked up at the trees. “I hate the taste of copper and you make it really hard to get it out of my mouth. So I'm going to be a bit*h. Problem?”
He sighed. “nope.” He then leaned over and lightly kissed her neck. He smirked lightly when she flinched. “Still don't like this?”
“Ok now I hate you.” She said with a blushline as well as flinching a bit. She hated it when he did that. It was like he knew something about her that she didn't know herself which he didn't.
He smirked and laughed lightly. “Right. Do you want a kiss or me to stop?”
She hated it when he knew what she wanted. She knew that he couldn't read her mind which was the only safe place for her to hide. She then out of the blue passed out onto Edward making him flinch.
It wasn't her blood that made him flinch. It was the fact she forgot her pill, yet again. Her pill was just a sugar pill with a drop of blood. She was half vampire thanks to her father and only Dr. Cullen knew it.
He sighed and picked her up as well as her bag of sucker and her art book. He then did his fast running and got to his house. He placed her in his room and went to get his 'father'.
~f.f some~
Rain wake up in Edward's room and sat up, looking around. “Damn it. I hate that.” She muttered. She really hated being in the Cullen's house. Her copper problem was worse there then at school. She leaned over the couch that he had in his room, looking for her candy.
Edward stood at the door way, watching her. He held the bag at mixed hard candy. He watched her with a small smirk a crossed his lips. “What are we looking for?” he asked, walking over to her.
She glared over at him. “Evil vampire. Gimme.” She held out her hands to the bag. She wanted to get the copper out of her mouth.
He held it yet out of her hands. “I'm not evil plus gimme me a kiss and you'll get the candy.” He said with a smirk.
She hated that but sighed. “Fine. Candy first then a kiss.”
He nodded and dropped the bag on her lap. He then leaned down and kissed her on the lips, only for her to move and he kissed her cheek.
“You didn't say where.”
“Evil H... girl.” He glared lightly.
She smirked. “Point being, Edward?”
“Point being, I had to pick the evil bit*h.” He said with a sigh. He sat next to her as she put a hard candy into her mouth. 'For a half vampire, she's so... human.' He thought, watching her. 'I wonder what happen if she was a full vampire. What power would she have? What would her father do to me if he would found out?' He thought.
“Vampires are so... blah.” Rain randomly said, looking out of one of the windows. “I just don't understand you nor the others.”
He looked at her. 'And to think, you're half.'

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