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 Fall of the World

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PostSubject: Fall of the World   Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:02 pm

Title: Fall of the World
Warning: None
Rate: For teens (I guess?)
Disclaimer: This story is mine! NO TOUCHY!

Um a story I started at least over a year ago. I haven't touched it in forever. Thought I'd post it. Please be gentle!
Fall of the World
Chapter I
                Demas Leocadio laid upon his bed staring at the ceiling a look of despair upon his face. He heaved a sigh covering his face with his hands. His thoughts once again went to that night’s events.
                Again Demas was in his bedroom. He was looking at his reflection in his mirror. He sighed shaking his head as he turned away. Demas was fairy tall with short blond hair,and blue eyes. At the moment he was dressed in fancy silk shirt and pants with a fur lined robe over them. He shut his eyes rubbing a hand through his hair. Suddenly, there was a knock on his door.
                “Your highness?” a voice questioned.
                Demas let out a sigh. “…Come in.” he mumbled.
                The door opened and an old man came inside. As soon as he set eyes on Demas he smiled. “You look wonderful, your highness.”
                Demas gave a shrug as he looked away.
                “Come along, its time.” The old man gently took Demas’ arm and slowly led him from the room.
                Demas sat outside on the balcony. The man who was the Prime Minster was on his feet at the edge addressing the people. Demas paid no attention, he just stared at his feet.
                “Now, let us crown our new king!” the prime minster cried out. He walked over to Demas and gently helped him to his feet, and led him to stand with him.
                Demas blinked looking down at the crowd, feeling suddenly queasy. A servant approached them carrying a silk pillow with a gold crown upon it. The prime minster picked up the crown, and delicately placed it upon Demas’ head. Demas blinked gulping as he did this.
                “Our new king, Demas Leocadio!” the prime minster cried out.
                The crowd of people cheered in response.
 Demas gulped again starting to shake. “k…king?” he thought feeling terrified.
Tears rolled down Demas cheeks. He opened his eyes his vision blurred. He sniffled as he wiped the tears away and huddled into a ball holding his head. “…King…” he thought again. He whimpered shaking his head. “I can’t do it! I can’t! I’m only sixteen! And…” Demas paused sighing. “…and I’m not father…” Demas shut his eyes as if pained curling into a tighter ball. “Father, come back! I can’t do this!” Demas thought as he sobbed harder.
Demas wasn’t sure how long he cried, but when he finally stopped he slowly got up. He shook his head. “…I can’t…” he mumbled as he got out of his bed. He walked over to his dresser, his left leg limping as he did so. He gritted his teeth in pain remembering something else…
Demas was sitting in a small room as his doctor turned to him. He had just finished examining and treating his injuries.
“Your highness…” the doctor began his voice full of pity. “I was able to treat your injuries. However, your left leg…I can’t do anything else for it. You hurt it rather bad. I’m afraid it will never to heal…and you’ll always have a problem with it. I suggest a cane. Or perhaps a wheelchair.”
Demas blinked gasping softly. “…N…no…” he thought despair flowing through him.
Demas let out a sigh as he looked down at his leg. He shook his head as he picked out some clothes from his dresser. A long sleeved light blue silk shirt, and dark blue silk pants, and some nice black socks. He slowly dressed himself wincing from the pain of his still fresh injuries. After dressing, he pulled out a couple more outfits. He limped to his bed ignoring the cane leaning against it. He grabbed a leather brown backpack and stuffed the clothes inside along with a blanket. He grabbed his money pouch off his dresser, checked to see that it was stocked, and attached it to his pants. Sighing Demas sat on his bed as he strapped on his boots. Pushing some blond hair out of his face he stood up, his pack strapped to his back. He slowly limped over to the window. He turned taking one more look at the room.
…I’m sorry…everyone…father…good-bye…” Demas thought sadly.

Demas  quickly turned,  opened the window, then climbed onto the window sill, and began the slow painful climb down the wall. Once he was down, he started to limp away from the castle, his home, and his responsibilities.

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Fall of the World

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