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 Comfort ◘ Sephiroth

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PostSubject: Comfort ◘ Sephiroth   Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:07 am

Dissidia setting

She growled lightly as she went around place to place to get away from the one guy she hated. And for once it wasn't the blond. She didn't know why but she had someone else following her. Finally getting annoyed, she stopped in some weird place and turned around. “Why did I do to get you interested in me, Sephiroth?”

Sephiroth stood a few feet away from her as he looked at her weirdly. “Interested in you? Lenea, what makes you think that?” He asked lightly. He wasn't really sure why he even knew this woman but it seem like she hated him.

Lenea sighed lightly as she crossed her arms over her chest. “I don't know but you seem to like  showing up behind me in any place I go.”

He thought a bit then shrugged his shoulders. “I just wondered something so I followed you. Is that so bad?”

She flinched lightly as she eyed the long silver haired guy. “With you, it is. So why got you wondering about me?”

He smirked lightly as he walked over to her. He reached over and placed his hand under her chin. “Well. You're always mad... why are you not on Chaos's side?”

She blinked lightly at his question as her cheeks turned light pink from his touch. “I'm not always mad... just annoyed. Plus, Sephiroth, I'm not on anyone's side. I'm a watcher of this war...” She told him. She wasn't sure how she knew this but she didn't really question anything.

He looked at her face. “Interesting...” He said with a light smirk.

She was really not getting his smirk but oddly why wasn't she moving away from him, was more on her mind then his smirk. “Sephiroth, shouldn't you be killing people...?” She asked, wanting him to stop touching her.

He thought a bit as he moved his hand away from her. “I don't believe it's time for that.”

She sighed lightly as her light blushline disappeared. “Waiting on Cloud... really?”

Sephiroth eyed her then nodded lightly. “No one else who is as interesting then Cloud.” He said lightly.

Lenea blinked lightly as she felt something weird. A memory? She asked herself as her dark blue eyes widen a bit. She pressed her gloved hands over her ears as she bit her lips lightly. She wasn't sure if it was her own memory or her older sister who once had a crush on Sephiroth.

He watched her, tilted his head lightly. “What's wrong, Lenea?” He asked her. He wasn't sure himself, yet seeing her look worried... or was it scared? He reached out and lightly touched one of her hands.

She closed her eyes after feeling his touch and moved closer to him, pressing her head lightly to his chest. “Don't say nor do anything...” She muttered lightly as she felt his body twitch lightly yet his arms wrapped around her small body.

“Much like Lia...” He whispered lightly, making her body twitch.

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Comfort ◘ Sephiroth

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