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 Elyasia affiliates

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PostSubject: Elyasia affiliates   Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:45 pm

I don't have that many affilies on my site and so I thought I would post this and ask to see if any forums would like to be affilies with my site.

Name: Eyasia

About: Elyasia is a fanfic mixed with Original setting and realm/world. If you know and love Lin's fanic called Otherworld then you might love Elyasia.
Oh just go check out the site for info.

Well here are two that you can pick from. If you want to see more, then go here to see the others. I'm also looking for ppl to make me better ones.

<a href=''><img src='' alt="Elyasia" /></a>

<a href=''><img src='' alt="Elyasia" /></a>

Now here will be your buttons if you affilie with my site:
Home page in a margee, but only anime sites/forums will have their buttons showing there. Changed it to any kind of site where the admin chats with me daily or weekly on the site forum, cbox or email. Only Elites are on the homepage now.
Alliliate page aka here. I'll list all sites/forums on the right side as the left has sites I get resources from. So your buttons will be on the right site, under the letter that your site/forum title.

Also I'll affiliate with anyone. As long as you keep my button up.

One more note, I updated the site slowly. I am TRYING to keep it from a long histus but if I don't have a pc or anything to get on, I can't update... But I do have a blog that I will be keeping my affies and fans updated with my offline life if I can't update and with lots of updates some are daily others are weekly to monthly..

I just hope to get affies and fans soon...

•°o.O O.o°• ¨°o.O O.o°

Galleries: The Doorway to the Darkness|Lost in the darkness
Shops:Falling Dreams|Dark Dreams awaits
Forum Wife of: ????

Signatures by: Salya
If you need any help, be sure to PM me. ^_^

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Elyasia affiliates

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