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 Annoyed Rose

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PostSubject: Annoyed Rose   Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:58 am

One-shot: Annoyed Rose
Written by Salya
Edited by ??? and ???
Photos by ???

100 years before part 1
Demon World, Southern area

It was a peaceful day. The young fox demon was not as pleaceful as she should have been. Since her mate was yet again gone. “That baka fox.” She growled lightly as she glared out into the forest that hid her father's house. Her silver furred with a black tip tail moved slightly as it hit the wood that she sat on.

Silently a male came up behind her and touched her left fox ear that was silver as her right ear was black. A light worried look was on the male's face. “Rose, Why don't you disappear for a while?” He asked her softly.

Rose twitched lightly from his touch before looked up at the male. “Father... where would I disappear to? I'm only limited to your place and mother's...”

Her father smiled softly down at her. “Well I do have a friend in a realm linked to this one.”
She blinked some then lowered her head before giggling softly. “So Raiko has friends other then mother?”

Raiko glared lightly as he sat beside her on the left. “Rose, don't start..” He then sighed. “And I do have friends that Nyna doesn't know of.” He said with a small grin.

She eyed him lightly then smirked. “So who are these friends of yours?”

A sigh was heard. “Father was asking if you wanted to vist Elyasia while we wait on news of your mate.”

Raiko and Rose looked over to see a young silver haired fox male who was called Skye. He looked slightly annoyed. He was one of Rose's older brothers that she cared for. He eyed the two foxes. “What?”

Rose looked to her father who sighed then her older brother before getting up and walking over to him. “I got that, brother.” She smiled softly up at him. “But does Skye want me to disappear to a land only father been to?”

Everyone knew the answer since Skye was overprotective of his younger sister. He had been since she was just a rare looking fox demon. Plus having a well-known thieft for mate, he really didn't want to send her anywhere without him.

“Yes. There is no one in Elyasia that would know who you are and you would be safe...”

She blinked a bit as their father glared over at them. “Skye, why are you ok with her going there?” Raiko asked. He wasn't used to that son of his, siding with him on anything.

Skye smiled lightly which hid a smirk. “Well it's a good place for her to be 'free' from her father and brothers.” He replied to him before leaning down and hugging Rose softly. “Plus Sis, you might make some friends there..” He whispered to her.

Their father sighed as he stood up. “I'll go send word to Nyna and a friend. So Rose, you got a week.”

She nodded before licking her brother's cheek. “I'll try..” She muttered to the male before getting out of his arms and wondering into the house.

A week later.

The young fox demon walked out of the patrol and looked around. She looked down at the map her father handed her and sighed. “I don't really get why I let those two talk me into this...” She muttered to herself. Her long black hair was tied up as she wore a simple dark blue kimono. Her fox ears and tail was hidden since she didn't want anyone to see them. She looked around once again before she felt something pulling on her kimono.

Behind her, stood a young girl with short black hair and big blue eyes. “Where did you come from?” The child asked lightly.

Rose eyed the little girl then sighed. She turned around and knelt down. “A realm that is linked to here. I was sent here by my father..” She told the child.

The little girl blinked a bit then smiled. “There are other realms linked to this one?” She asked her softly.

The female fox let out another sigh. She didn't hate kids but she didn't really like them either. “Yes, there is.”

The little girl opened her small mouth to ask something again when she heard something that she knew. “I'm sorry.. but Soren is looking for me.” With that the young girl ran off.

Rose sighed lightly and stood up. “Ok then... now to find the one called Kira..”

“It's Lady Kira, young fox.”

She jumped lightly and turned around to see a pretty young looking woman. She then bowed her head lightly. “I'm sorry. Father didn't say anything about that.”

Kira laughed lightly. “Raiko is very forgetful about titles, I see. So you're his daughter, Rose?”
Rose nodded lightly. “Yes.”
Kira smiled sweetly as she walked closer to the young fox. She looked her over and smiled again. “My, you're as cute as he said. But where are your ears and tail?”
“I hid them since I don't like people looking at them...” The fox girl said before muttering something about her father. She got a feeling that her father wanted her here for more reasons then to stop waiting of her mate.

The older woman pouted lightly then smiled. “I can understand that. I just wanted to see just how interesting they were colored since I heard about them a lot in your father's letters.”

Rose thought a bit then smiled lightly. “If you know a quiet place, I'll show you... but only if no one else is around...” She said softly.

Kira nodded and pointed to the near by castle. “We can go inside. I had a room set up for you before you showed up.”

Few minutes later
In the guest room

Rose looked around the room as Kira silently watched her from the closed door. The fox girl touched the soft white covers with black roses designs that covered the big bed. “Soft.. and pretty.” She said softly. She then looked around at the light colored walls that hung up pretty photos of different roses.

Lady Kira smiled lightly. “I heard that you got interested in roses after meeting your mate.”

“Father, right?”

“Yep. I don't know why but that guy likes to talk about you a lot. Even when he visits me, it's always about you. Not that I mind. Mira seems to like hearing about you.”

Rose blinked lightly and looked over at Kira. “Who's Mira?”

Kira smiled as she walked over and sat on the bed softly. “You meet her outside. She's my youngest daughter.”

The young fox blinked a bit then sighed. “So she's the one who pulled my kimono... but who's Soren?”

The lady thought a bit. “Soren is someone close to Mira. Oddly closer then her own sister.” She replied with a light sigh. “From what I found out, that boy is a mix of Dragon and human.”

“Dragon halfbreed... That's not so rare in this land, is it?”

Kira shook her head. “Not really but his kind is. But why are you so interested?” She smiled lightly.

“I'm not really... I just would like to know of this place since I'm here for a while.”

“I see. Well while you're here, you are free to wonder in the library.”

Rose smiled lightly. “Thanks.” She thought a bit then sighed. “Now I'll.. show you what my father really likes about me...” She said lightly as two fox ears came up out of her black hair, left one was silver furred as the right was as black as her hair. Her silver furred tail with a black tip appeared soon after her ears. Her tail softly wrapped it's self around her left hand.

Kira blinked lightly as she looked at the young fox's ears then her tail. “How interesting. It's rare to find foxes with your fur coloring and I can understand why you hid them.”

Rose nodded lightly as her ears lowered against her head. “Yea... sadly I even hid them from Kurama.”

“How pretty.” Came from behind her. Rose looked behind her and blinked with a soft blushline. Mira was standing by the partly opened door. A young boy with red eyes and black hair looked over the young princess and blinked.

“My, my. Mira, Soren, you two shouldn't do that. Rose need doesn't like showing her ears and tail off.” Kira said lightly with a soft smile.

Rose blushed a bit more as she felt like she was called for her mate or father. Yet that feeling faded when Mira walked over and lightly touched the black tip of her tail.

“I'm sorry, Miss Rose... but I was told that mommy was in here... and your tail is really soft.”

“Its... fine...”

“Soren, would you show Rose to the library?” Kira asked the young boy. Soren nodded and looked up at Rose who got really shy because of Mira.

100 years later

The young looking princess sat under a tree, humming to herself. Her fire demon, Heei was near by sleeping. She didn't hear anyone walk up yet Heei didn't care either. It was calm day and Mira felt like being outside.

“My my... Heei is really peaceful looking.” Said a soft voice.

Mira looked over and smiled. “Came to visit, Miss Rose?”

The black haired fox demon looked over and smiled. “Yea since my dear mate came here as well.” Rose replied. She reached over and lightly touched the sleeping fire demon. “I'm sorry about Sinta.”

“Oh it's fine.. I get updates about him, so I'm trying not to worry too much.”

“I doubt he means to worry you as much as he does. But once his mate hears...”

The princess giggled lightly. “I will feel for my sister when Kurozuki hears of it.”

Rose giggled lightly as well as she stood up, walked over and sat near the princess. “I hear from Kurama that she's really fearful when Sinta gets her worried or mad.”

“Sinta whines about her fearful side a lot but she's really nice at time.”

The fox blinked lightly. “You meet her?”

Mira thought lightly then nodded with a smile. “Yes. She wonders around here once in a while. Much like Sesshomaru-chan.”

Rose shook her head. “Those two really like wondering around.”


The two girls started giggling as Heei opened his red colored eyes and glared lightly. “You two are too loud...” He growled lightly.

Mira blinked a bit and looked over at him. “I'm sorry, Heei-kun.”

Rose looked over and smiled. “Now now, you know it's good for the princess to laugh. Or do you want her to be all poutly?

The fire demon sent the fox a glare as the princess blinked lightly.

When she didn't get an answer, Rose smirked lightly and hugged Mira softly. “I win.”

Mira giggled lightly as Heei sat up. “Girls...” He muttered lightly as he shook his head.

Since I don't know what else to add. Lol
and I think Heei is annoyed with me. heh
Oh Sinta isn't paired up with Kurozuki anymore since
I don't talk to Yuna much anymore.
So if anyone wants to pair their oc up with Sinta,
I have a few requirements. Read them on here.
((for this forum, you can PM me with the pics
and profile if you don't want to join that forum and post them.))

•°o.O O.o°• ¨°o.O O.o°

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Annoyed Rose

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