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 Shatter the Mask : to Cry [Cyril]

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PostSubject: Shatter the Mask : to Cry [Cyril]   Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:33 pm

Ophelia sat in the room Cyril provided for her. She tugged her knees to her chest gazing at her feet. She was cold and uncomfortable. The clothes given to her were wool. It made her itch constantly at times. These were constant discomforts but they didn't match her feelings of isolation.

Aceline no longer resided in the church. She was taken by Vali under orders to keep them separated. Cyril was doing his best to keep her comfortable but it didn't feel any of the loneliness she felt.

Ophelia could feel tears prickle at the edges of her eyes. She quickly wiped them away. Letting them spill over would just cause her to start sobbing.

'I don't want to cry.'

Even if it helped vent some emotions she really didn't want Cyril to take notice. He was doing enough already. If he grew concerned over her disposition or thought he didn't done enough, she was sure he'd try to find some tireless way to keep her content. It wasn't so simple. She just wanted to go home.

'Crying isn't going to change anything so what's the point?'

Ophelia knew better. Crying just made her feel weak and vulnerable so she didn't, especially so now.

She heaved a heavy sigh, letting her back rest against the wall. She didn't know what to do. She could only mask her tears and pray things would get better.

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Shatter the Mask : to Cry [Cyril]

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