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  GU - part 1, Welcome

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PostSubject: GU - part 1, Welcome   Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:13 pm

01, Welcome

She logged onto the game called “The World” and let out a low sigh. She haven't played this game for Seven years, yet out of the blue she got a text telling her to play again. She checked her email and blinked. “Aura welcomes me, huh... does she really want me to play again?” She said, talking to herself. She closed her deep blue eyes for a minute before starting the game.

Δ Mac Anu

As Luna looked around, she blinked. “This is R2. Neat.” She said with a small smile. She walked out of the Gate building and stepped out the steps. She looked down at her outfit and sighed. “It changed again.” She sighed. She then noticed that her bangs hang over her right eye. She could still see out if it as if her hair wasn't there but it was a bit different then how she looked in R1.

She shook her head lightly and started walking to the center area of her map. She wasn't really noticing anything around her since she was looking everything else. She blinked lightly when a guy bunged into her. She tilted her head lightly as she watched the guy ran away from a Harvest Cleric who looked weird. She just shook it off.

After looking around the guild shops and meeting up with two nice players, Gaspard and Silabus, She started heading to the @home aka Guild area. Silabus told her which way to go after giving her him and his friend's member addresses. She didn't know why she needed them but she still just smiled and left.

“There are a lot of different players this time.” She said, talking to herself as she walked by the boat. She looked around as if she was looking from someone. “Come to the @home she said.” Luna muttered lightly as she walked around the corner. She then stopped and blinked.

Standing there, sighing liking was the girl that was after the guy that bunged into her. Luna tilted her head lightly as she looked at the Harvest Cleric who had long blue hair, blue eyes and wear a maroon(red) outfit without the hat. She then blinked. “Kylie?” She said, walking over to her.

Kylie looked over at the twin blader and smiled lightly. “So the great Luna did join.” She said, joking.

Luna giggled lightly. “She told me to join in a txt. Do you know what his character is on here?” She asked, tilting her name. The player she was mostly looking for belongs to her longtime crush/friend, Kaoru.

Kylie thought a bit. She knew who she was asking about but she didn't know if she should tell her friend or wait awhile. She then shook her head. “I'm sorry but I don't know. If you give me awhile I'll look into him.” she said with a soft smile.

Luna nodded lightly. “Alright. I need to find the @home now.” She said with a soft sigh.

Kylie blinked a bit. “I'll take you there.” She smiled as Luna hugged her lightly.


before you yell at me, I don't know if I'm really going to pair Luna up with Heaso or Endrance in this fanfic.

Also Kylie is Dark_Greed's oc and she's the only Harvest Cleric that Heaso is scared of. It's a inside joke but somehow Kylie is able to pk the pkk. XD if you don't know, PK = Player Killer and PKK = Player Killer Killer. Weird I know. xD

One more thing, I played and beat GU and I'm play the first .hack games, so I do know what I doing even if Endrance is bi and Heaso is PKed by Kylie. >w>

More ocs might show up.

•°o.O O.o°• ¨°o.O O.o°

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GU - part 1, Welcome

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