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  Pain • Lloyd

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PostSubject: Pain • Lloyd   Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:05 pm

Ok.. it's somewhat a Lloyd one-shot and somewhat not... It's mostly about my oc. I did this to play around with things... and also this is an rewrite since I lost the original. I got the idea from a Rose artwork.

.:The pain:.

It was a raining evening and her screams was heard through out the forest. Dark smoke and what looked like dragon flames was all around her, cutting her skin and burning at her cloths. A pair of black dragon wings were forming out of her back. Blood on the wings and coming from the cuts. Tears ran down her cheeks as the pain shot through her.

Someone watched from a tall tree. He wanted to help her but knew that he couldn't. He wanted to hold her in his arms but he knew that her dragon sprite would do more pain to her if he was nearby.

After 4 painful hours of her dragon sprite forcing real dragon wings from her bare back, she fall to her knees. Her outfit was cut up as her armor was no longer on her. Her dragon finally stopped and there were two black dragon wings with blood dropping from them out of her back. She panted lightly as she fall into darkness, falling sideways into someone's arms.

He got to her just as she pasted out from blood lose and the pain. He sighed lightly, glad that she was done screaming and picked her up. He took her out of the huge forest which they was in the middle of and took her to her small house. Glad that her dragon in the bed was sleep, he carried her inside and laid her in her bed. After laying her on her stomach, he removed what was left of her black suit and softly and without hitting her wings, he got clean cloths on her. Well a black tube shirt and a skirt that he found.

“Kika...” He wanted to say something but stopped when he heard a mew. He turned and sighed. It was her white cat that she named Llyud without remembering that his name was Lloyd. He stock his head lightly and walked out of the room, picking up the kitty as he went.

In the morning, she groaned a bit as she got licked in the face. Opening her right eye, her dark blue eyes locked eyes with two golden cat eyes. Sighing, she sat up slowly. “Llyud, why did you do that?” She asked her purring kitty as she petted him. She flinched lightly with she saw the right wing then growled lightly. “Darkness, You are a dead dragon.” She muttered as she removed the black dragon eye stone that was oddly untouched and threw it onto a chair in her room.

'I'm already dead, love.' The voice of her dragon. It was low and dark but soft as if he was a nice dragon at one point.

Kika growled and rolled her eyes as she slowly stood up. “Never going to dragoon form again.” She told the sprite as she went to the bathroom to take a bath. She didn't think anything of the fact, her cloths were changed nor the fact she was in her house. She just wanted to get the feeling of blood off of her even if there wasn't any. Not even on her wings that she hated.

The sprite sighed as he formed into a small looking black dragon. He was a bit see-through but he didn't care. He jumped onto her bed and laid down as Llyud played with his cat toy which was some yarn hanging off the side of the bed.

After 20 minutes of pissing and growling from pain, She finally got clean. Well she felt clean. She carefully got dressed after cutting whole out of her shirt for the wings. She eyed the black armor as she thought about how to put that one.

Her dragon eyed her, watching her scare at the armor that Rose got her. He flinched as she did when they heard the front door open and close. “Hmm Kika, did you let someone in?” He asked his partner.

Kika stood her head a bit. “No..” She walked out of the room and sighed, seeing that it was only Jake, the 12 year old dragoon that was staying with her.

The young boy with long dark brown hair and dark purple eyes was walked around in the small kitchen area. He looked over at the older woman as she walked out of her room and blinked. He walked over and went behind her, looking at the wings.

She sighed lightly then flinched when a small pain shot through her from his touch on her left wing. “Jake, don't touch them and yes they are real.”

He shook his head a bit as he walked around her and went back to getting something to drink. “You.. got a weird.. dragon sprite..” He muttered softly.

“Hey! I heard that, kid!”

She growled a bit. “Oh shut up, you baka dragon and go back to your stone.” She told the sprite as she went back to her room as Jake went outside.

The dragon shook his head. “No, still I got something to tell you.”

She glared at him as she brushed her long black hair that had silver highlights. She pissed when she hit the base of her wings with the brush. “Just tell me before I re-kill you for doing this to my body.” She growled. The wings wasn't the only thing he placed on her body. There was a black dragon marking on her left breast.

“Fine. One, you can fold the wings for them to disappear and two, that damned wingly was here.”

She blinked a bit as she slowly folded the wings and they did disappear. She then thought a bit. 'Wingly...' She flinched as she got a pain in her head from thinking. Someone didn't want her to think of him nor remember him.

Seeing that she couldn't think or remember the wingly, he sighed and sat up. “Never mind.” With that, the sprite disappeared back into the stone.


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Pain • Lloyd

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