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 My Deadly Seven Sins

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PostSubject: My Deadly Seven Sins   Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:32 am

This is my story on the 7 sins. Its different from the RP plot. But you can us ideas from this story if you let me know. ^_^

banner...soon maybe

Title: My Deadly Seven Sins
Warning: Death, Lemon, bad words
Rating: PG-16 to M
Chapters: 01, 02, 03
Edited by: ??


It's a sunny morning and she didn't feel like getting up. Just out of high school, no job nor college waiting on her. She just didn't feel like doing anything. Yet, her grandpa got plans for her.

She finally sat up and looked over at her clock then sighed. "It's only 8:30am. Why do I need to get up so early for?" She muttered, glaring at the clock after getting up and went to the bedroom.

After 20 minutes in the bath, she got out and dried her small body off. She then wrapped her long raven hair up in a towel and walked into her middle size bedroom to get dressed.

She lived alone in her father's huge house with two maids. Her father lived on the main land, working on his business with her older brother. Other then her grandpa, her aunt lived near by in a smaller house with her two sons who hate her.

After sliding on a pair of boots on that went with her cute red bikini top, light blue unbuttoned shirt with mid-long sleeves and a cute blue jean skirt. She wanted her hair was in two ponytails. Grabbing two hair ties, ribbons, and her brush, she walked out of her room and went downstairs. Looking around, she sighed a bit as she didn't see Beth or Sara. "Where are those two? I need one of them to help me with my hair." She muttered, walking into the kitchen.

A maid with short red hair looked to the doorway. "Good Morning, Lady Serina. What would you like to eat?" She asked, smiling lightly. She wore a cute black maid outfit. (It's like the french maid outfit but not that sexy. More cute.)

Serina looked at her and smiled. "Oh good, I found you."

The maid blinked a bit. "What is it you need?"

"Beth, can you help me with my hair?"

Beth smiled. "Sure."

After 10 minutes of finishing up her hair and eating some food. Serina left, heading to the temple. She took her time getting there too.

She walked into the middle size temple and looked around. "Grands, I'm here. Where are you?" She called out.

"I'm over here, Girl." said an older man. He wore a Japanese temple outfit. He had short gray hair. For a guy in his 70s, he looked like he was in his 50s. Creepy.

She smiled some and walked over to him. "How are you this morning?"

"I'm good. I need you to help out around the temple. Can you do it?"

She flinched a bit but sighed. "Sure. What do I do first?"

"Easy. Can you use a broom?

She nodded. "What area?"

He thought a bit. "Front walkway."

"I'll get to work." She said with a sigh.

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PostSubject: Re: My Deadly Seven Sins   Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:40 am


After finishing, she put the broom up and started to walk around the temple. It's been two years since she's been really inside the temple. She been a little scared to since her mother dead in one of the rooms.

"Sin, what are you doing?" Called out her grandpa from one of the rooms, he just walked out of.

She jumped and looked to him. "Looking around. Why?" She had one hand on her chest and the other one of a door that head to a room that hid of one of the messing necklaces.

The old man lightly glared then shook his head. "Alright. Just don't touch anything." With then he went back to doing what old guys do.

She sighed and went into the room that she as near and looked around, closing the door. Something in the room was calling her and it was bugging her. Whatever was calling for her, didn't start calling until she walked down the hall.

Her dark blue eyes looked around for anything that would be different. "Ok this is getting annoying." She said lightly as she heard her name around. "Who is calling me Sin-chan?" She growled lightly.

There was a giggle sound the made Serina glare around. She walked over to a box that was alone in a corner.

Slowly, she opened it to see a beautiful necklace. "Wow... This can't be it, right?" She asked the air.

"Serina, I'm going out for a hour! Be careful while I'm out!" Her grandpa called out.

"Alright." She called back, closing the box. She lightly sighed after 5 minutes of quietness and leaning against a near by wall. "Finally, that voice got quiet."

After what felt like 10 minutes, was only 5 minutes but who cares. Anyways, her cell started to ring, playing the song,Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me which made her jump. Getting it out and looking at it, she sighed. "Damn it, Sara." She muttered before answering it with, "Hello?"

"Lady Serina, what would you like for dinner?" Sara's soft voice asked.

"Hmm... Pizza would be nice."

"As you wish."

She smiled lightly, hanging up and putting her black cell back into her pocket. "Guess I'll go home." She said, walking out of the room then the temple.


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PostSubject: Re: My Deadly Seven Sins   Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:49 am


Serina helped her grandfather out for the next few weeks. She helped with cleaning, moving things and just random things. As she works, she would hear her nickname in different parts of the temple.

One day, she didn't go to help her grandfather. In fact, she didn't want to get up from her bed. Hearing that nickname over and over, made her head hard, so she called in sick.

She sighed lightly from under her black silk covers. "Why does hearing that old nickname bring back memories that I want to forget?" She asked her self as she hugged onto her fluffy dark purple pillow.

A younger Serina ran around a huge room in the temple, giggling. An older lady watched from the side with a soft smile on her lips. The lady was her mother. Long black hair, deep blue eyes and pale skin. She watched her daughter play with two spirits from her own jewelry. The spirits called Lust and Sloth. Sure, the two female spirits had two names from two of the 7 sins but they didn't act much like their names.

"Sin-chan, I'm going to get you." the young female named Sloth said as she chased after the giggling Serina.

"Nut nah. No way, you will." Serina replied as she ran.

The young female named Lust had sat near the older lady, panting lightly. She wasn't used to running so much.

"My, is one of the spirits tired already?" Serina's mother asked softly as she looked over at Lust.

The young sin looked up at her. Her red eyes met deep blue ones. "Your daughter is just too hyper today. I can't really see how Sloth is still doing that." She said, looking over at her sister as the young girls ran around.

"That's true. You both don't really act like your given names and for sins Serina seems to really like playing with you."

Lust laughed lightly. "Well we are said to be sins, but I don't know how that is." She then smiled lightly. "Plus Sin-chan doesn't seem to care what we are."

~ End and another one ~
A 14 year old Serina stared down at her mother's bloody body. She didn't understand why nor how yet she didn't believe what everyone was saying.

"One of the 7 sins did it." Or "I saw one of these spirits..."

It wasn't one of them yet she only knew of two of the spirits. Her mother didn't allow her to touch the other 5 pieces of jewelry. She didn't hear her father walk up behind her nor did she notice his arms around her.

"Serina, you should go home now. You don't need to see anymore, dear." Her father spoke in a soft tune that got her to looked up at him.

"Dad... do you think one of them, did this?" She asked softly. Her voice hid her emotions as yet she was trying not to cry.

The elder man shook his head, making his short dark brown hair move slightly. "No since they were her friends. Believe me for this, Serina. Don't believe what others say about the 7 spirits. They are not what their names say they are."

She nodded lightly and closed her eyes. She felt like crying yet no tears would come. To make things worse her mother's jewelry was missing.


Serina sat up as her bedroom door opened. She glared over at her maid as Sara walked in with a tray of food. "I didn't ask for food."

The young looking maid smiled lightly. "I know but I thought you might be hungry as I started to come tell you something." She said softly. This maid was a bit shy and didn't really like talking much. She had long blond hair that was always in a braid and dark green eyes. She oddly wore fake black cat ears on her head.

Serina sighed and laid back down. "Well... set it on my desk... I'll eat later." She fixed her covers as Sara did what she was told. "Also, what did you need to tell me?"

Sara thought a bit as she sat the tray down. "Oh yea, your dad called. He said that he found something and plans on coming over sometime this week to give it to you."

Serina sighed lightly again and sat up once again. "Joy... I wonder what he found this time." She said lightly to herself. She didn't really get along with her dad since the day her mom was killed.

She stood up and went to the bathroom as Sara left. She didn't really care what the old guy found yet it did get her a but interested in it. Putting it aside, she pulled off her night shirt and undies then took a slow shower.

~F.F some~
She walked out of her room after getting clean, fixing her hair in a low ponytail and eating. She looked around as she walked down stairs. She saw Beth cleaning in the kitchen as she heard Sara humming to herself in the back room. Shocking her head, Serina walked outside.

It was a sunny day, and it annoyed her. Serina hated sunny days and she didn't know why. In fact, she liked raining days best. She knew it was weird but she couldn't really remember why. Sighing likely, she started walking. She wasn't think of where to walk to but she felt like walking. She pasted her aunt's house with her two cousins fighting each other outside. She didn't really care for them since that side of the family blamed her for her mother's death.

She walked down to the beach and sighed lightly as she stopped near the moving water and knelt down. "What a boring day... even if I called in sick... I'm just can't stay home..." She muttered to her self as she reached down and touched the water as the waves came and left.

~In another world~

A young lady sighed as she sat in her spot. She had long black hair, deep red eyes and was dressed in a black silk dress. "When do you think she will unlock us?"

Another young lady giggled lightly. "Just wait, Lust. Sin-chan will let us out soon." This one had short blond hair, light red eyes and wore a short black wavily dress with white leggings.

The one named Lust glared lightly at the hyper one. "Sloth, how can you say that?"

"Yea Sloth. Don't you think she still thinks we killed our last owner?"

Sloth pouted lightly. "Pride, Lust, stop picking on me. I really do know that she will let us out."

The one called Pride sighed lightly. "I don't see that happening since she only found your host jewelry." He replied. He had shirt messy black hair with red highlight, maroon eyes and a loose black shirt, black jeans and boots.

Sloth thought a bit. "True... And the other host jewelry are hidden."

"Yea... We don't even know where Greed, Envy, Wrath and Gluttony are." Lust said, leaning down against Pride's arm.

He glared at her lightly. "I thought Envy was with her father since that guy isn't sane."

Sloth giggled lightly. "Envy is just a bit more like his name then we are. He was always jealousy of us."

"Well you girls did get to play with Serina more as the guys couldn't."

Lust sighed. "It was only because Lina(1) didn't want the guys doing anything to Serina. She was still young at the time."

"Not the point." Pride sighed. "Thanks to Lina, we all would have been as young as her daughter at the time."

"True.." Lust thought a bit as Sloth crawled over and laid her head against Pride's lap, making him glare. "But didn't she allow all of us out once?"

Sloth giggled lightly as she turned out the glares. "Yea, she did. But Greed and Envy got into a fight."

"And all of the males were locked up." Pride sighed lightly as he stopped his glares. He knew that Sloth wasn't going to move for a while.

Lust nodded. "Yes. Sadly, after that one day(2), the others went missing, leaving poor Pride alone with two females.”

Sloth giggled again and Pride sighed.


(1) Lina is Serina's mother. I thought it would be nice if she had a name.
(2) The day Lina was killed.

Note: I miss-spellied a lot in the first 3 chapters. PM me with the right spelling please.

I'll post more chapters when I work on this again.

•°o.O O.o°• ¨°o.O O.o°

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PostSubject: Re: My Deadly Seven Sins   

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My Deadly Seven Sins

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